Boudoir for you

I think just about any girl on the planet would change something about her body if she was given the chance... and the more I've thought about it the more I've realized how damaging that is. Our bodies are incredible. We grow humans in them! Each and every one of us is freaking gorgeous and I wish every woman felt beautiful in her own skin and learned to love her body just a little bit more! My goal with these sessions is to capture undeniably gorgeous, timeless artwork to boost your self esteem and give you confidence that you didn't know you had. I honestly could care less if any one else ever even sees these - in my mind they aren't even for your partner. They are FOR YOU. I don't want to hear that you'll do these "someday" when you've "gotten your body back" or "after I lose 15 pounds". Do them now! Let me help you see the bad ass, stunning model that you are. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!