Wedgewood Lindsay Groves Wedding | Makenna & Corbin

Makenna & Corbin got married at the beautiful Wedgewood Lindsay Grove in Mesa, Arizona last Spring and it was truly one of the best, happiest, fun, emotional days. I will always remember this one as one of my favorites! The love these two have for each other is infectious and I honestly just want to be their bff. Maybe I need to start eating at Oreganos more often (where they work! haha).

I’m extra excited to share their wedding photos today because I just saw her post from last month that they are expecting a little baby girl due in January! So many of my spring brides are already having babies and I am so excited for them. It is such an honor to get to be a part of these couples love stories and capture all the

If you want to check out their super fun engagement session at the beach in San Diego - go here!

I asked Makenna a few questions about her wedding and I’d love to share her responses to help out some of my future brides!

What was the hardest part about the planning process?

The hardest part was definitely all the decision making!!!!! 😂😂 Sooo many questions all the time, it drove me crazy!

What did you love about your wedding location(s)/venue(s)?

The venue was timeless and just beautiful, and was the perfect size for our many many family members

What memory from your wedding do you remember the most strongly? What part of the day had the most effect on you or your relationship?

I think the thing I remember the most was the look on Corbin’s face when he finally got to turn around for our first look. I see him smile 10000 times a day, but that look is something I’ll never forget.

Where did you go on your honeymoon? Why did you choose it?

We did a little mini moon in Laguna Beach for a week, it was gifted to us and absolutely perfect

What advice would you give to another couple planning their wedding day?

I would say the obvious be present, remember to eat/drink, take breaks to brush your hair (my hair was a tangled mess from the 5000 people hugging me 😂😂😂)

Who were your favorite wedding vendors that you would want to recommend to other people?

ASHTYN FOSTER is my favorite vendor 😘😘😘 truly couldn’t have asked for a better photographer, tons of people came to me after saying how much they loved you.

CRYINGG!!! I love these two. Enjoy a million photos from their special day!

WEDDING DRESS: Wedding Belles Bridal Boutique

FLORIST: In Bloom Floral


CAKE/DESSERT: Piece of Cake

VENUE : Wedgewood Lindsay Groves