Sedona Engagement Session | Chris + Julia

Let me start off this post by saying in the past, Sedona has been a slightly difficult location for me to master. It seems like the lighting has always been tricky, there's always a ton of people in the popular spots, and bad traffic through the city has always made me a little less enthusiastic about shooting there. Call me crazy, I know, it just hasn't been my favorite. When Chris and Julia decided they wanted to capture some epic Sedona mountain views, I decided I had to do a little extra research this time and go up early to do some hiking around, and was so freakin happy to have found an amazing spot that gave me everything I've ever wanted and more out of a Sedona location. How freaking amazing are these views???! I'm officially obsessed with Sedona and I'm ready to go back again and again this year now, so LETS GO!

I instantly bonded with these two when we both pulled up in matching Kia Soul cars. I knew right away we'd be friends. They are getting married this Fall at Soho 63 and are planning the most gorgeous sounding romantic goth inspired wedding I've ever heard of, so It's safe to say that I can't wait!

If you'd like to book a session in Sedona at this location or somewhere similar, send me an email and let's get it booked! xo - Ashtyn